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Updated Office Hours

Please make a note of our new office hours:

  • 10AM to 5PM on Monday – Thursday
  • Closed on Fridays

Our New Kangen Water Machine

Enagic Kangen Water Machines

Kangen Water Machines produce the highest quality Alkaline Water available. Changing the water you drink from acidic bottles to the high PH levels of Kangen Water can help with so many health problems.

Benefits Kangen Water may provide:

  • Hydration and detoxification of your body
  • Help with acid reflux, digestion, and arthritis
  • Put your body in a state of pH balance
  • Antioxidant effects, reduced inflammation
  • Natural skin toner with beauty water

Join our 3-month trial membership to have access to our Kangen Water Machine anytime. For $30 a month you can come fill up on Kangen Water at Apollo Chiropractic whenever you want! We are so excited to bring this membership to the Westside. Call us at (505) 792-3311 or come in to the office anytime to learn more about Kangen Water and how drinking it everyday can change your life. Come in any time to sample this life changing water for yourself!