Benefits of a Self-Pay Practice

Your wellness is our top priority.

Far too often, managed healthcare insurance programs put limitations on chiropractic physicians, telling them what he can or cannot do in treating patients, and which treatment methods are covered and available. Sadly, some managed healthcare programs are, in reality, a disservice to patients because they often deny the treatments needed to maximize a patient’s health benefit. Current managed healthcare insurance programs are designed for a patient’s “sick“ care, but do little to aid the patient and chiropractic physician in creating wellness and maintenance for effective “health” care.

By taking advantage of our self-pay program, patients are free to enjoy any and all of the services and treatments recommended by Dr. Dahl to help you achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

At Apollo chiropractic, we treat patients with several therapeutic procedures under one flat fee — adding adjunct therapies such as light therapy, short duration manual therapy, stretching and exercise, etc., to the chiropractic adjustments maximize health benefits. Longer duration or more extensive therapies such as dry-needling, longer duration manual therapy, electrical stimulation, etc., may require additional fees to cover the chiropractic physician’s time to apply these treatments. Such therapies will be discussed in advance and performed with the patient’s consent.

We accept motor vehicle accidents claims, personal injury claims, and Workman’s Compensation claims for injuries resulting in back pain, neck pain, musculoskeletal injuries, or headaches. These types of injuries have very little interference and direction from insurance providers managing the types of therapies required to return the patient to pre-injury status.